About US

Visual Ambrosia offers ambient video programs through streaming services online or on a licensing basis at 4K and HD resolution. Ambient video provides businesses an opportunity to use their television as a welcoming decorative tool. Visual Ambrosia’s video programs increase viewership, memorability of advertisements, and can be fashioned for a variety of environments and purposes.  We have offices in Los Angeles and Atlanta.

We are currently offering custom built-tailored art animation programs.  In future we will be offering streaming video programs by subscription.

So easy, it is, for viewers to enjoy watching the subtly lively, video art display progressions, from macro realism into micro abstract textural surprise.  Once observed, the always changing, smooth and novel movies, often calm viewers easily.   So very detailed the movies appear, it's dynamic color with a novel punch.

This style of art print animation enhances various commercial spaces like hotel lobbies, homes, clinical settings, and transportation venues.    Unlike static framed art, Visual Ambrosia® is quasi-interactive for the way viewers recognize details,  select favorite details.  Too, on every display platform, from taxis to yoga studios,  appealing and benefitting all sorts of audiences, Visual Ambrosia® video installations warm the atmosphere with personality: quietly distinct from usual decorative elements.

For business customers: incorporating our 4K/UHD decorative video programs mixed with video ads will benefit customers and guests with a relaxing viewing experience, as well as amplify customer attention and response to advertisements. We offer compilations of customer selected clips tailored to your design preferences and sensibilities. 

For individual viewers, either subscribers of streaming video access or customers purchasing feature decorative video programs: we offer a huge variety of decoratively surprising and entertaining subjects in our video catalog.

For commercial applications other than decorative video programs: our unique inventory/data archive of ultra high resolution art scans is  available, as exclusive licensed use, for fine art prints, posters, stationery, fabric designs…more.

Ahead, in future video art clips, thousands of prints and image subjects, yet on offer, will afford viewers so much individual choice.