Visual Ambrosia® - in your home

Your life and home are filled with art and design. You appreciate aesthetics and enjoy experiencing art. You enjoy watching television but mostly regard it as a distraction.

But what if you could access hours of moving decorative art? Your television would become an inseparable source of idle visual entertainment much like an open window or fireplace.

Visual Ambrosia is the leader in creating ambient video sourced from 19th C. Chromolithographs. Explore color layer separation in minute detail. Play in the morning with coffee, while cooking dinner, for the brief moment of relaxation in the evening, with guests in the living room, or as a meditation aide.

Visual Ambrosia’s bank of video subjects are sure to meet your decorative needs.


Visual Ambrosia® - in your business

You want customers to feel comfortable waiting. You want them to disconnect from the outside. A relaxed customer is less likely to perceive any delay and more likely to have a pleasant experience.

Have you tried using ambient video to cut down perceived waiting time? Studies have shown that digital signage for time management can cut perceived wait times by 35%.

Our custom video programs are a welcomed distraction. They will compliment your businesses’ interior while also providing a more tranquil queue experience. Our programs are customized by theme, color, and subject. You may also include additional branding or messages you would like to communicate to your customers.